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Augmented reality technology makes the scene more realistic and widely used

Time:2018-01-06 Views:78
VR technology is one of the hot topics in science and technology. However, there is another technology that we have overlooked, namely augmented reality (AR).
Augmented reality (AR) Digitized, more lifelike, dazzling objects. AR is the next miracle of the world that the industry hopes to conquer, and it will happen in 2017.
You can take a look at Magic Leap Florida this video demo. It shows a helmet-mounted display with lots of eye-catching images stacked around it, including a game you can shoot at when an enemy robot appears. At the moment, when Magic Leap announced the technology is still unknown, it may take years, but you can already experience a touch of AR.
In 2016, California developer Niantic unveiled its AR smartphone game Pokémon Go, and Microsoft began shipping holographic lenses (a helmet that lets you interact with electronic displays that you can only see). You can also choose Lenovo‘s Phab 2 Pro, the first phone to use the Google Tango AR platform. The Tango app includes an AR tape measurement tool, a solar simulator, and a shopping tool that lets you see the furniture at home.
AR technology can be used in the workplace, but also for entertainment purposes only. Factory workers can learn a new machine with a set of hands-on tutorials, architects can walk through the buildings they envision, and police officers can have different perspectives on crime scenes. At the same time, gamers can play on the battlefield directly in front of them instead of just staring at the screen.
But like any invention, AR also needs some time to become familiar. Pokemon Go has frustrated some people who do not want these animated monsters to appear at home, in museums or in cemeteries. Before these things come out, let us first make some rules about what should happen in AR world and what should not happen.
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